Florida Premarital Course
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Avoid the 3-day waiting period
Get a discount on marriage license which, in effect, makes the course free* (Clerk's will charge you $61 instead of $86)
Same day certificate emailed to you (if you complete course before 1pm unless I am traveling. On weekends, it will be sent at least by Sunday evening.)
• Learn solid research-based and real-life information to help you build the strong, lasting marriage you want!
Understand your spouse-to-be even better  than you do now!benefits of Florida premarital course
• Learn from Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW who specializes exclusively in marriage & relationship counseling and workshops.

* One of you must be a legal Florida resident to receive the discount to reimburse you for taking the course.


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Instructions for the Premarital Prep Course

Florida premarital certificate and marriage license

Avoid delays in getting your premarital certificate and your Florida marriage license by reading and following the directions for the premarital course completion! Review them before you begin! NOTE: You will get the certificate the same day ( unless I am traveling) if you complete it before 12pm. On Fridays, you must complete your premarital course before 8:00am Friday mornings to be able to insure that you receive your certificate that day.

Common Questions about Florida Premarital Course

florida premarital course questionsCommon questions about the Florida premarital course, premarital certificates, requirements, long-distance relationship situations, who needs it, and more. Pre-marriage questions you should ask each other are in the course.

Wedding | Marriage Tips

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Articles and tips coming soon on wedding planning, wedding budgets, and more on my marriage counseling website.

Reviews: What our couples say about our Premarital Course

(More of our Florida premarital course reviews)

"I started this premarital course expecting that it would corny and not useful, and also expecting that it wouldn't take 4 hours. I was surprised at the discussions it opened up with me and my husband to be--and even found myself thinking of certain couples I know that I feel could benefit from this even though they aren't getting married."


“Although I originally paid for the Pre-marital course as a "let's get the 4 hours over with for the State of Florida," we believe the course has provided us with more insight and given us additional tools we can use to continue toward a happy life.  We're jointly committed to a successful and happy marriage, and we're glad that your course has provided us with much more than "just 4 hours."


“Very helpful and totally useful.  The premarital preparation course opened my eyes on how I should handle certain situations with my partner of 15 years.  I greatly appreciate you providing this course.  It was awesome.  I am printing it out for someone I know, since she is having marital problems as we speak.  Maybe it can help her out.”


What you will learn in this Florida premarital course:

• How to increase your chances of creating a fulfilling, lasting marriage
• More about each other -- even if you have been together a long time.
• How to improve communication
• How to work through conflicts
• How to create your own blueprint as a guide for your marriage
• How to increase understanding of your partner's perspective on important issues

Our Florida premarital course has both information and activities. Some of the activities are for you to do alone. Others are to do with your partner. (If your partner lives in another state or country, you can complete the information part and then do the activities when you get together. Some people do them by e-mail or Skype/Facetime. You may do some of them after you get married, although I recommend you do as many as possible before. Throughout the course you will find a series of questions that are important to discuss. The activities are opportunities to learn more about yourself and your partner and to create emotional intimacy.

Florida Counties where my premarital course is approved to obtain a marriage license in that county.

(See Counties for more information and what to do if your county is not on the list.)

Note: The ones that are highlighted below just mean that you can go to a page that has more information and links about that particular county's marriage license information. However, ALL of these are approved for my course and have me listed as a registered premarital course provider for that county.)

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