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The Florida Premarital Course

While some of you are doing this because of a requirement to avoid the 3 day waiting period for your marriage license, the premarital course information and activities can give you tools to help you create a stronger marriage — if you use them. Use this as an investment in your future! We have some couples in Florida and out of state who do not need a certificate and take the course just to prepare for their marriage.

In the Florida premarital preparation program, you will learn:


  • How to increase your chances of creating a fulfilling, lasting marriage
  • How to communicate and work with hurts & frustrations
  • How to create your own blueprint as a guide for your marriage
  • How to create or deepen emotional intimacy
  • Information on sexual and financial issues and more
  • How to increase understanding of your partner’s perspective on important issues
  • How to give the best gift possible to yourselves as a couple and to your children — a successful and fulfilling marriage.

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