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Wedding Resources

wedding planning resources

You might be working down your wedding checklist, but some of these articles or websites might help you avoid challenges that you really don’t want to have to stress about!

• Articles and Checklists

Planning an Affordable Wedding: Prioritizing, Budgeting for Your Wedding, and Reducing Wedding Costs by Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW (Includes link to Couple’s Financial Vision for your marriage. Plan your budget in alignment with your Financial Vision for the future.) Resources for ideas to save money and still make it a memorable day..

The Eight Truths About Weddings (That No One Will Ever Tell You)
 by Melissa Lafsky

Helps for wedding planning:
Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist 
by Real Simple Magazine

Whether you plan to have a private intimate ceremony for just the two of you, or a big lavish formal wedding, finding good resources can make your day even more special and sometimes save you frustration and grief. On this page I will be listing resources that I know of or that other couples recommend. So if you have a tip to give others about good places to have a ceremony, buy a wedding cake, flowers, or anything else, e-mail me with your suggestion (including the name, city, category and your rating of 1 to 5 stars (5 is the BEST). (if you want to review it in a sentence or two, feel free!)


• Ceremonies by Nan:
Nan Klater has years of experience doing both private and large formal custom designed ceremonies for any budget in the Tampa area. Make it personal and make it special. She is also a great resource to help you find the perfect place to have your ceremony.

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