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Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW is a marriage and relationship counselor, educator and coach. She is a licensed psychotherapist with over 30 years of counseling experience. She is the only Florida Premarital Course provider that is a licensed counselor specializing exclusively in marriage and adult relationships counseling along with premarital education.

Dawn has extensive specialized research-based education and training in factors and skills leading to successful marriage and relationships, as well as a successful relationship of her own of over 35 years. She is the founder and Director of The Relationship Learning Center in Winter Park, Florida (just outside the city of Orlando). She provides marriage coaching, education, workshops, training, consultation, and counseling for adult relationships and for individuals seeking to build a love relationship. Her goal is to give you the information and skills you need to help you begin or continue to build the kind of marriage or relationship you both really want.

Even the best relationships have conflict, and instead of creating a spiraling to the destruction of the relationship, conflict can open doors that help both people advance on their road to wholeness as passionate partners, and allies. There is usually more hope than couples think, especially if they are willing to learn and implement new information, tools and skills.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling Specialist:

Some therapists try to take any type of client for any type of problem. While Dawn had experience in a variety of settings early in her career, for over 20 years she has focused exclusively on marriage and relationship issues. She has attended numerous post graduate trainings in marriage and relationship issues and tools, and still continues to focus her continuing education in those areas.

People have sought out Dawn's services from across the country and as far away as Hong Kong, Australia, Portugal and more. She is also considered a 'therapist's therapist' that other counselors come to for their own relationship issues. Dr. Hendrix has expressed his appreciation of her heart, thinking and depth of understanding.

On the main office website of The Relationship Learning Ctr. at you will find information on marriage, relationships, divorce, personal growth, nurturing your spirit, services available through coaching and counseling for change, seminars, other resources and more.

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