Our Florida premarital course is accepted in all Florida Counties. To find out information about other counties and where possible, their online information and marriage license applications, please click here.

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Hillsborough County Marriage License & Florida Premarital Course Information:

Hillsborough County includes the Tampa, Ruskin, Valrico, FL area
Hillsborough Count Premarital Course Photo.

Registered Florida Premarital Course Provider for Hillsborough County, Florida

Hillsborough County accepts our Florida premarital preparation course to avoid the 3-day waiting period and receive a discount on your marriage license by presenting your approved premarital course certificate to the Clerk when you apply for your marriage license.

If one of you is a legal Florida resident, you will receive a discount of $25 on your marriage license to reimburse you for this premarital course. Instead of paying $86, you will pay $61 for your marriage license. So in the end, it costs you nothing and will hopefully benefit you in your life together!

Florida Premarital Course Couple PhotoResearch and real-life based information for a more successful marriage. This premarital course offers you important information for your marriage by an experienced marriage counselor that specializes exclusively in marriage and relationships. Learning some of the key concepts in the premarital course can help you prevent conflict and build a strong marriage.

Hillsborough County Marriage License Information and Links:

Click here for the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Court's Marriage License web page. Hillsborough County's Marriage Department has a useful page of Frequently Asked Questions about getting your marriage license there. There is a sheet in English and Spanish that you can download for requirements.

The Clerk has a list of "Approved Premarital Course Providers. I am listed under my last name, Dawn J. Lipthrott, LCSW. IMPORTANT: The expiration date you see refers to my state license as a marriage and relationship counselor that I have to renew every two years for my counseling practice. I always renew it, but sometimes Hillsborough doesn't change it in their directory.

ALWAYS check with the Hillsborough County Clerk's official web page on Marriage Licenses for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their requirements.

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Buy the Florida Premarital Course ($18.99) Buy Florida Premarital Course for Same Sex Couples ($18.99)

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