premarital certificate

Check the list of Florida counties where this premarital course certificate is accepted and what to do if your county is not on the list.

Purchase ONE premarital course per couple. Both people need to do the course and quiz for the name to be on the premarital certificate.

Make sure the e-mail address used at the time of payment is accurate. That is where the letter will go with the links. (If you use a Paypal account, check the email on the account.)

• Download the PDF file to your device.
Until the videos are finished, I recommend downloading the PDF file to your computer so that the course won't expire. Work from that. I am working to get the entire course fully online and with videos.

• Spend a minimum of 4 hours on the premarital course. It's not my rule, it is Florida law.
At least 3 hours and 45 minutes must be spent on the course before you begin the quiz. If you don't complete 4 hours, you will be required to put certain activities in writing before I can issue a premarital certificate.

• Each person takes his or her own quiz (links are in the letter).

• Type your names on the quiz exactly as you want them to show on the certificate. I don't care if you are using a phone, but make sure you use proper capitalization and punctuation if you want your premarital certificate accepted by the Clerk of the Court.

• Email me when you are finished
so I can review your quiz and do the certificate ASAP.

• I will email the premarital certificate the same day you complete the premarital course -- as long as you finish before 12pm.
I often get them to you more quickly, but because I am a marriage and relationship counselor seeing clients, so I do premarital certificates first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening and whenever I can in-between. Note: Flagler County and Monroe County require an original certificate mailed to you, so allow time for that. An alternative is to get your marriage license in one of the other counties on the list, then with that in hand, you can get married the same day in Monroe, Flagler, or any county in the State of Florida.

• Review the Frequently Asked Questions, if needed.

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